Why E-Waste Should be Recycled

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March 14, 2018
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Why E-Waste Should be Recycled

E-waste is a waste from all kinds of electronics, including batteries, laptops, phones, printers, as well as other home and office appliances. Failure to properly dispose of these items can pose a real threat to the conditions of our soil, water, air, and the global environment at large. In many ways, improper disposal of these chemicals affects our own health. Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from irreversible health damages and birth defects caused by toxic metal poisoning.


Lead, barium, mercury, beryllium, chromium, lithium are just a few of the heavy metals found in most electronic devices. Since these toxic chemicals are not biodegradable, they can affect large areas of land and even get into crops harvested on it. Besides being highly carcinogenic, if these chemicals end up in the ocean, they are capable of killing animals and plants that exist in the water. Furthermore, these metals can penetrate and contaminate groundwater, leaving whole communities without access to fresh water. When landfill electronics are burning, they release dangerous, cancer-producing hydrocarbons into the air we breathe.


Electronic recycling offers countless environmental and economic benefits. First and foremost, proper e-waste management helps preserve our planet’s natural resources. Electronic waste often consists of valuable and even precious metals, from copper, aluminum, and iron, to silver, gold, and platinum. The more we use up these supplies, the more limited they become; yet, every day we need these materials for a wide range of functions. Evidently, e-waste recycling saves energy, resources, and, ultimately, the cost of mining and processing new materials.


So, what are some of the things we could do to become more responsible citizens and prevent these horrendous conditions from worsening? Check in with the local government on laws and regulations regarding proper disposal of e-waste. Consider donating your old devices to someone in need, to extend their longevity and minimize e-waste in the first place. Contact Corporate Destruction Solutions safe and ethical recycling of electronic devices. We recycle anything with a cord (and more)!

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