Corporate Destruction Solutions also offers on-site degaussing and erasure of magnetic media such as hard drives and backup tapes. This process is usually followed by the shredding or destruction of the aforementioned hard drives and or tapes.

Organizations often employ only two methods to remove data from hard drives: software erasure programs and degaussing equipment. Needless to say, software erasure programs have fundamental limitations, such as the fact that there’s no guarantee that the data will be erased. Software erasure is time-consuming and selective to broken or malfunctioning devices.

A more reliable and cost-efficient solution is degaussing, which applies a strong magnetic field to tapes and hard drives, effectively destroying most if not all recorded material. Like software-based solutions, degaussing equipment can be used on-site, enabling user flexibility, but unlike software-based solutions, is a lot more time effective: each drive takes only a minute to erase.

However, degaussing equipment has its own set of challenges when it comes to erasing electronic data. As magnetic media varies, degaussing equipment must be tailored to meet the needs of each drive. Users must absorb additional costs to provide training to operate the machines, which must be shielded from other magnetically sensitive devices.

Leave degaussing to the professionals - Saraiva brothers have been in this business for over a decade. Only here at Corporate Destruction Solution, we can guarantee a 100% effectiveness of our methods and your peace of mind. Shred it and forget it!