Why Does My Business Need Degaussing?

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September 24, 2018
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December 12, 2018

Why Does My Business Need Degaussing?

No matter what kind of business you own, you probably store some type of sensitive data on hard drives or even old floppy disks and reels. If you are thinking about getting rid of any of these devices, either because the information on them is no longer needed or because you’ve moved everything to the cloud, it’s important to have the degaussed first.


Degaussing refers to the process of erasing the data on an electronic device, generally with a magnet of some sort. Professional degaussers use controlled magnetic fields that are specially engineered for their purposes. These are measured in gauss units, which is where the term “degaussing” comes from; the higher a device’s gauss number is, the more magnetism is needed to erase it. As you continue reading, you’ll learn why your business needs degaussing prior to removing any devices from your workspace.


You won’t have to worry about data getting stolen.


Depending on what industry your company operates in, the information on your hard drives or disks may compromise your clients’ personal security if it were stolen. Or, at the very least, the data may give unsavory characters access to details about your business transactions through the years. To make sure everyone associated with your establishment is protected, degaussing is the best option.


You may be able to make some extra money.


Hard drives and disks often contain precious metals, such as copper. There are many companies that are willing to purchase these devices for these metals. The amount of money you’ll get from selling your old electronics will depend on your location, the current going rates, and the condition of your items. Make sure you research reputable buyers in your region before you sell your degaussed drives and disks.


You can reuse some magnetic tapes.


Although certain types of magnetic tapes, such as those that contain start-up information, cannot be reused after undergoing degaussing, many tapes can be. If you have not yet gone fully digital and have used for your old magnetic tapes, this is a great way to save some money.


Working with a reputable degaussing company is the only way to truly make sure your company is behaving responsibly when you need to purge data or get rid of old electronic devices. Contact Corporate Destruction Solutions for more details on this permanent and reliable magnetic data erasure method and protect your information.

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