Why Should You Destroy Old Hard Drives?

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January 22, 2018

Why Should You Destroy Old Hard Drives?

One of the easiest ways for anyone to gain information on you or your organization is by looking into the contents of an old hard drive that you’ve used to store your data. Anyone can just trash a hard drive or give it some damage with a hammer, but if crucial parts of it survive than many can actually see documents, photos and other files that were kept on said hard drives. The best thing you can do before getting rid of an old hard drive is thus to hire a professional that can properly wipe the information off a drive before destroying the physical hard drive.


Good hackers or criminals can easily retrieve the information on a hard drive that has been “erased”, damaged or discarded. Anyone can throw the hard drive into the trash for free but criminals that get their hands on yours will make you regret that decision after they breach the data you’ve thrown out. To prevent this, professionals can destroy specific components of a hard drive that make data impossible to retrieve and keep your information private and away from the hands of criminals.


Data destruction companies can permanently remove all the files stored on a hard drive by destroying the components of the device by using a high-security media destroyer. This method is good enough that it can actually deter forensic techniques from successfully obtaining information stored on the drive and makes all previously held data unavailable to anyone.


Getting rid of old hard drives will also free up space in the workplace and their proper destruction will ensure security for your business. If you old hard drives are connected to a computer that has internet access you’re at an even bigger risk than you imagine as in early 2017 a new ransomware virus was discovered which would lock the infected computer, encrypt the files of the victim and hold them all at ransom with failure to pay to result in the malicious use of your data.


Data destruction companies understand and adhere to regulations on the destruction of data, ensuring that your company remains compliant with these laws as well. This means that your business will not face fines for improper disposal of data and no possible legal issues can come up as a result of using their services.


The improper disposal of confidential data can carry hefty fines or even jail time. If any documents regarding sensitive customer information or health information are leaked as a result of a data breach then you could pay tens of thousands of dollars in fines, if not more. Avoiding these taxing fines is easy by hiring a data destruction company to prevent these data breaches from occurring in the first place.


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