Information security – the process of protecting electronic data – is a critical issue facing IT departments in today’s enterprises and small-to-medium sized businesses. Every day, the newspapers are cluttered with examples of how cyber thieves have hacked into another system; making yet another company, and its employees, vulnerable. These cyber thieves expose classified information, such as corporate and personal bank accounts and confidential corporate documents.

The disposal of confidential information on hard drives or other electronic media is a serious concern to public and private sectors. Federal laws such as HIPAA, SarBOX, GLB, and FACTA have been established to ensure companies are adhering to the same standardized regulations for electronic data protection.

You bolt locks on your doors. You install security cameras.

You train employees to be vigilant with your products and your proprietary information. But how do you ensure the destruction of your hard drives and electronic media when you’re finished with them? How do you protect your employees, your reputation, the integrity of your business?

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With such an emphasis on information security, shouldn’t the same precautions be taken when that information is no longer needed? You wouldn’t throw confidential documents in the trash can without shredding them, so why wouldn’t you do the same with computer hard drives?

Our Core Beliefs: CDS is the preferred on-site hard drive and media destruction service. We move companies one step closer to keeping their information out of the wrong hands, and provide customers total peace of mind in knowing that they never lose custody of their media. We drive to their site, and all media is shredded right in front of their eyes. Shred It and Forget It.