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    Mobile Shredding Unit
    Our mobile hard-drive shredding unit drives directly to your facility. The unit is self-contained, generating its own electrical power. The hard-drive shredding utilizes the newest technology, yielding the fastest, most efficient destruction of hard drives and other media.

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    Surveillance Equipment
    The mobile shredding unit is outfitted with surveillance equipment, making it possible to watch and record the destruction on the truck or right from your computer!

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    Serial Numbers
    Before the shredding process, each hard drive’s serial number is scanned using a hand-held scanner. The serial numbers are documented on the surveillance equipment using overlay software, and on the certificate of destruction paperwork. After the shredding process, the customer is issued a certificate of destruction and a copy of the serial numbers of each hard drive.

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    Surveillance DVDs
    If you’d like a copy of the surveillance DVD, we can leave one with you after the destruction process is completed.

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    Additional Steps
    We also offer degaussing and erasure of magnetic media, such as backup tapes, either in conjunction with shredding or as an autonomous process.

Our state-of-the-art shredding system is the safest, on-site, hard drive and media destruction service in the country.

We provide the only solution that guarantees the destruction of electronic data on out-of-date hardware. Just like the shredding machines that corporations have been using for years to destroy paper documents, we use specialized equipment to shred media containing electronic data. This is the safest, surest, and most cost-effective method to ensure your corporation and employees are safe from cyber thieves.